GREEN ECONOMY, ECO-INNOVATION AS A DEVELOPING PATTERN – Condor Group is the key player at the Campania Eco-Friendly Festival

Condor wants to add an important value, to grow the market but not only: the natural environment we live in must be protected, and therefore our social responsibility secured.

The CONDOR Group is involved in a superb path, whose aim is promoting eco-friendly yet innovative products, keeping high European standards as of safety matters: that’s a true challenge, which the whole entrepreneurship system must face with in order to support our country growing.

CONDOR quality products is also guaranteed by the number of certifications obtained: SGS  S.A. (high-quality standards and customer satisfaction); DAS UKAS (ethic behaviours and natural environment protection); NF (products in compliance with French regulations).

There is quite a noteworthy product impact on the environment, often neglected.” – says Francesco Petrosino, Condor Group General Director – “That’s the reason why we’re making eco-friendly choices: it is a duty a company cannot defy, and it pays back. Investing on eco-friendly  innovations is a winning factor to CONDOR, which makes us competitive especially on the international market”.    

CONDOR Group pattern, an expression of governance policy, has been the key player at the “Campania Eco Festival”, one of the most eco-friendly and important projects in Italy.

The event, arranged at the Fosso Imperatore eco-area (Salerno), a modern structure designed to manage waste sorting, had the aim of sensitising young people, coupling passion for music and for the natural environment, thanks to the attendance of international musicians, managers and green economy scientists.

Our aim is to get people through this, how an efficient industrial production can be achieved by bearing in mind the European regulations, which advert an intelligent growing from an eco-sustainable point of view. An experience” – says Petrosino ending his speech – “that will make the new generation aware of how to be a good citizen and to make efforts, every single one, protecting our planet, starting from the industries.”

In particular, CONDOR supports a new social communication project, which is aimed to promote virtuous ethic, safeguarding the nature by advertising such subjects like the waste sorting, recycling, renewable energy and savings. We can go from small “green” daily tasks, inspired by a healthy and eco-friendly life-style: biological food, planting trees to mitigate CO2 emissions produced during events, using biocompatible glass and dishes, as a free distribution of public waters.

So, CONDOR social responsibility is once again a chosen strategy, which aims to appreciate the territory, cooperating as well with most important regional universities and offering training to deserving students.