Among the key actions, youth valorisation and promotion of innovation and formation.

G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance – YEA, the summit for 400 young entrepreneurs from G20 Countries, held in Sidney from the 18th to the 22nd of July, came to an end.

The Italian Delegation –  led by Luca Donelli, Responsible for International Relations, and the Sherpa Nicola Altobelli – saw in the team Francesco Petrosino, Condor Group General Director, representing Confindustria Avellino Youth Entrepreneurs.

Aim of the summit was the promotion of entrepreneurship as strength for the economic recovery, the creation of new jobs, innovation and social change through networking among young people coming from the 20 most powerful economies in the world.

During the summit eight themes from international news have been examined in depth, among which: reforming the global financial system to promote investments and access to capital to accessible conditions; creating a G20 valid visa, to allow entrepreneurs to build enterprises and facilitate the hiring of qualified foreign employees; sustaining the United Nations in defining post 2015 development goals, adding one dedicated to youth employment and entrepreneurship, particularly for young women; finally, promoting instruction and education, intensifying cooperation between schools and enterprises, aligning educational paths to market needs and fostering technical education.

Condor, enterprise specialise in innovative systems for construction industry and infrastructures, is particularly sensitive to enhancement of youth. In fact, up to around 100 employees, the average age is 32 years old. The Italian multinational, equipped with an important Research and Development centre, signed several agreements with universities and research institutes.

This summit witnesses the virtuous path undertaken by Condor – says the Director Mr Petrosinoaiming to the development of young people and the recognition of merits. In the last three years we started important partnerships with CorCE Campania, Business School from Sole24Ore, Politecnico di Milano and Universities of Napoli, Salerno and Sannio, to enhance educational paths particularly aiming to internationalisation. Condor is proud of the results reached by the  of foreign delegations, as proof of the right direction undertaken by our company, perfectly on line with the strategy underlined from the conference in Sidney”.

G20 YEA, organised by ENYA – Enterprise Network for Young Australians in preparation of the G20 Leaders Summit, represent the natural prosecution of a project started in Stresa in 2009, continued in Toronto in 2010, in Nice in 2011 and in Mexico City in 2012.

“At the United Nations – explains Helen Clarke, UN Development Programme Administrator – we hold the same consideration for entrepreneurship as G20 YEA, a way for young people to improve their life, contribute to the growth in their Countries and answer to global matters”.

Structured in three days, the conference involved 20 national delegations who undersigned a joint declaration, Final Communiqué, to express their position on social and economic key issues, besides a concrete plan to fight youth unemployment.

The document – handed over to Victor Perton, member of the G20 Australian presidency, Robert Milliner, Sherpa B20, and other stakeholders and partners – will be presented in November during the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane, with the presence of Head of States and Government.




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