Physical risks factors in construction job sites

Noise, vibration, manual handling of the loads and open air activities represent the main risk factors for construction workers’ health.

Statistics underlines the dangers to consider to execute the necessary measures and prevent any job site accident.

In fact, there are many factors of physical risk, starting from the noise: the functioning of construction machineries and equipments used in construction produces high level of acoustic pollution exposing all the job site operators.

Another problem is related to vibrations: the use of portable vibration equipment and construction machineries and diggers expose workers to a high risk for mechanical vibrations transmitted to the human body through the handle of the vibrating equipment, and through the feet if on the platform or the gluteus if the operator is sitting.

Exposition to those vibrations can cause disturbs or injuries to upper arts, particularly vascular, osseous-joint, neurological, muscular disturbs, or injuries to the spinal column, particularly lumbar pain and backbone traumas, especially if in presence of cold weather and humidity.

Particularly present in the job sites also the risks dues to the manual handling of loads, exposing workers to disturbs and muscle-skeletal diseases from bio-mechanical overload of the vertebral column and of upper and lower arts.

Open air works, even more during hot seasons, can determine a warmth load that the body eliminates by increasing perspiration and heart rate. The higher is the warmth load, the more frequent those happenings can be, becoming so relevant to cause true diseases, as it could be heatstroke or heat-fainting.

In a firm technologically advanced, to invest in security cannot be considered just as a possibility but needs to be a strong point, both on the ethical and professional point of view.

Condor is involved in projects responding to a triple necessity: to ensure the total reliability to its partners, to respect the main European standards in the field of security and to prevent potential working accidents.

Thanks to an efficient Technical Department, beating heart of the company, and to an efficient Research, Development and Quality Insurance centre , who fine tuned the Risk Free patent, Condor proposes a wide selection of products for the Infrastructural, Industrial, Residential construction and for reconstruction, offering the greatest guarantee in terms of security, costs and production time.